The Problem:

A bill, which has passed the California Legislature and now sits on the Governor’s desk, would effectively ban the sale of portable generators in the state. Assembly Bill 1346 (Berman) compels the California Air Resources Board to adopt regulations by July 1, 2022, to prohibit engine exhaust and evaporative emissions from all small off-road engine equipment (SORE) including portable generators. While it may be intended to promote the use of battery-operated lawn and garden equipment, it will also result in banning the sale of portable generators in the state as soon as 2024. The Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association has formally requested an exemption from this proposal for portable generators—but the residents of California need to raise their voices in support as well!

No matter how well-intentioned this bill might be, it makes a critical error in equating portable generators with other small off-road engine equipment. The use of other small off-road engine equipment is often discretionary and planned. But when someone turns to a portable generator, it’s out of necessity. These life-sustaining devices are used by everyday Californians during wildfires, other natural disasters, and rolling blackouts to maintain household power that keeps food from spoiling, water flowing, communication lines open, and even keeps medical devices operating. Nothing else meets the affordability of a portable generator when it comes to performing those critical functions in crisis conditions. Banning California residents from purchasing and possessing portable generators will surely lead to loss of life.

The Solution:

Let Governor Newsom know that you are against the portable generator ban and support an exemption for portable generators in AB 1346. Let’s keep the residents of California safe during wildfires, other natural disasters, and rolling blackouts.

The Facts:

1.5 Million

portable generators
in use in California.


blackout events in
California in 2019.

28.4 million

utility customers affected
by power outages in 2019.

5x the cost
20x less power

The state’s assumed portable generator replacement, so-called ZEE (zero-emission equipment) generators,costs a minimum of five times that of a standard portable generator while providing four- to 20-times LESS power per charge/fueling.

10-12 hours

consectutive hours the average portable generator can power all of these: refrigerator, laptop, TV, microwave, 5 to10 lights, phone charger and home security system.

35 minutes

ZEE generators can power the same load for only approximately 35 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the brand.

generator reviews

Thanks to the SCE power shutdowns and working from home, having a generator became a necessity. Supplied power to a fridge, freezer, modem, 2 computers and other lights.

During a power outage of total 36 hours. 12 hours in, I had to get a generator. It saved all of our babies’ food we had in a deep freezer.

I bought this because we have frequent power outages in my area and with the kids doing school from home I wanted to make sure we had power. Plugged in two refrigerators, all my internet equipment and three TVs and it ran like a top.

Living in the foothills of the Sierras I needed a generator for PGE power outages. I powered the fridge, some lights, coffee maker, countertop oven, microwave, TV and computer which gets us through the 1-2 day events comfortably.

I’ve had this now for two years+. Used during the summer public safety power outages in CA and during the winter months with wind and rain outages. Easily runs my fridge and charges all the other things I need charged while running.

This has been a life saver for us, PG&E outages for days. We run two refrigerators and several other appliances as well as lighting and tv.

Like many other CA residents, my family and I are subject to recent power outages from CA EDISON due to a lack of underground cable infrastructure in a fire prone state. This Generator is tied into my well pump sub-panel through the 220 output. It is powerful enough to run my house, pressurize my water system (including my fire sprinklers) and with care, my well water pump.

Suffering through the grueling heat here in Southern CA. Massive loads on electricity demands has caused multiple blackouts one of which I am suffering as I write this. Purchased this about two years ago when the electric company started to shut power off when high winds were blowing in high fire risk areas. It is everything advertised! Powerful enough to easily run my refrigerator, garage freezer, three large fans, computers, lights and more, all at the same time without a hiccup!

Stop the ban.
Necessity not choice.

We need your help to stop this ban on portable generators.

Let your state Assembly member and Senator know that you are against the portable generator ban and support an exemption for portable generators in AB 1346.